The public transportation system in Lisbon consists of buses, electric trams, funicular railways, an elevator that provide effective links among the various parts of the city and extend into the suburban areas.   

Lisbon has yet another way to tour the city, the underground Metropolitano de Lisboa (Metro) underground system.  No, you do not need a periscope. 

   The Metro connects to the major train stations in Lisbon and is convenient to many of Lisbon’s hotels.  You can use the Metro to travel quickly to stations near places of interest, go up to the outside, visit the area, take pictures and descend to travel to the next station.  This book describes what sights are along each Metro route.  It describes the areas and points of interest near the stations, as well as other attractions close to the stations.  In addition, Metro stations are galleries of art reflecting the history and culture of the area around them.

   Traveling by metro is the fastest way to get from around Lisbon.  And as far as the English-speaking tourists are concerned, they are also very accessible, given that most of the information is also in English.