Lisbon’s electric trams are the best choice for you to see the main attractions of the city at a leisurely pace.  They provide an excellent option if you are not up to walking the distances or climbing Lisbon’s hills and do not want to take a bus tour.
   Lisbon is one of the only cities that still maintains an extensive electric tram system.  The trams, some of which date back to the early years of the 20th century, operate along five routes, primarily in the older sections of the city and pass by most of the important sights and museums.  They travel at an unhurried pace providing you with the time to appreciate what you are seeing and, with a transport pass, you can get off, see what you want and get back on a tram at no additional expense.
   This book describes what you will see along each tram route.  It describes the areas you will pass through, the major sights along the routes and other attractions close to the stops.  Although this book presents information not covered by other guide books, it does not go into as much detail about some of the major points of interest.  This was done in order not to make this book too long and that you are reading this on a moving tram.